In Cloud Smart Metering Process

   Smart Metering Solution Presentation :

Smart Metering is a system used to quantify, report and manage the utilities consumption, including water, gas and electricity.

Smart Metering uses pulse transmitters and C11DO1ETH equipment to gather data and store that data in the cloud.

Smart metering data is a managed by InMetter Cloud management Server trough a web interface.                                                                                                            


In Cloud Smart Metering Structure

    Smart Metering System components :

                          Consumption sensors

                          Cold Water meter + Pulse transmitter (Pulse)

                          Hot Water meter + Pulse transmitter (Pulser)

                          Gas meter + Puse transmitter (Pulser)

                          Electric metter with M-BUS interface

                  Data acquisition :

                           Innodev inMetter model C11DO1ETH   (1 input , 1 output + 1 Eth port)

                           Eth . WiFi existing network

                           MBUS -Ethernet Convertor

                   Data server:

                           Communication server

                           Parsing Server for C11DO1ETH messages/commands

                           MySQL Information/Logs/Configuration Server

                           Backup server (on request)

                           Web Server for configuraton and status display of equipment



      Smart Metering General Workflow :


In Cloud Smart Metering System

    Smart Metering – Workflow :

                A pulse transmitter (Pulser) is connected to each counter and sends pulses to C11DO1ETH  equipment.

                MODBUS – Ethernet counter is used for measuring electrical consumption.

                C11DO1ETH  equipment analyze consumption and send periodical messages using Ethernet/WiFi to the    Cloud Communication Server.

                C11DO1ETH  equipment keeps backup of the messages in case of network failure.


    Smart Metering cloud Diagram :



In Cloud Smart Mettering Application 

    Smart Mettering Solution Usability :

             – Smart Metering can be used to gather data and, based on specified thresholders

             -It will automatically or manually initiate actions by commands send from system or from user.

             -Example in the above diagram shows a customer case study where Roof Control was integrated with Smart Metering so the roof panels could be open  or closed based on various counter report.