NPDIO WiFi (Zigbee) Car Parking Monitoring Solution

         Network car monitoring solution




Solution overviewnpdio-wifi-car-n-pg1

  •  Real Time control & data acquisition/processing capabilities
  •  Integration with third-party applications & databases
  •  IP/Ethernet/Wi-Fi/ZigBee/2G&3G connectivity options,
  •  providing high network reliability
  •  Information gathering from sensors
  •  Distributed architecture implementation
  •  Centralized management platform





  • Parking places lines monitoring
  • Lights or display information output
  • Real time visibility regarding:

1. Free parking places (provide in 2nd phase)

2 .Occupied parking places (provide in 2nd phase)

3. Analysis (provide in 2nd phase)

4. Reports (provide in 2nd phase)

  • Reporting possibility of history information (provide in 2nd phase)





  • Cost cut in car parking monitoring
  • Real time availability spots monitoring
  • On demand statistics reports
  • Real time blocking activity alarms




Implementation proposal


Genric study case high level viewnpdio-wifi-14-2-1-pg2

  •  13 zones of parking
  •  32 sensors for parking places
  •  13 Zigbee routers (repeaters)
  •  5 Zigbee – Ethernet Gateway
  •  4 NPDIO – CPU processor
  •  13 lights signal one for each Area







Functionality flow

Ford study case low level view

  •  Sensors report to repeater
  •  Repeaters transmit to Gateway
  •  Gateways are connected to NPDIO witch light up the signal







npdio-wifi-n-pg34-2-1-7Future development


  • Parking places lines monitoring
  • Lights or display information output
  • Real time visibility regarding :

1. Free parking place

2. Occupied parking places

3. Analyses

4. Reports

  • Reporting possibility of history information








npdio-wifi-car-mn-pg4Core device NPDIO40


  •  100%bespokedesign& manufacturing
  •  Assuredscalability,initiatedfromthe Prototype phase
  •  Real-Timeprocessingandvisibility
  •  SignificantTCOsavingscompared with ‘vendor specific’ PLC programming
  •  Hot-Swapextensionboards








  • Bosch Rexroth – Blaj
                 – NPDIO – ANDON implementation for real time production monitoring
  • Constanta Harbor- Constanta
                – Zigbee solution for debit water monitoring
  • GPL gas stations
                 -System monitoring consumption Zigbeee based




  •  100%bespoke design & manufacturing
  •  Assured scalability, initiated from the Prototype phase
  •  Real-Timeprocessing control & visibility
  •  Significant TCO savings compared with ‘vendor specific ’ PLC  programming
  •  Hot-Swap extension boards providing ‘in production’ extension
  •  SCADA & HMI message forwarding

A proposition of Mindspeed Communications & Innodev



About ZigBee


  •  ZigBee is a specification for a suite of high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks buit from small, low- power digital radios,
  •  ZigBee has a defined rate of 250 kbit/s, best suited for intermittent data transmissions from a sensor or input device
  •  ZigBee is based on an IEEE 802.15 standardnpdio-wifipg55